Class Mates features and flexibility make it easy to learn and use.

Performs all tasks involving grade calculation, averaging, and reporting, quickly and accurately.  Most grading tasks performed on the main screen with results instantly visible.
See each students class average, category averages, rank, grades for each assignment etc. on the main screen. Complete set of reports including progress reports, class summaries, gradebook, etc.
No preset limits for the number of classes you can create, the number of students each class may contain, or the number of categories or assignments for each class.
PDF reports ready to e-mail or upload for students or parents.
Optionally encrypt PDF reports using private student passwords.
Multi subject option allows up to ten subjects per class.
A through and attractive set of reports that not only lessen your paperwork hours, but also make great student or parent handouts to enhance their awareness of their standing in the class.
Reports include a Student Progress Report, Gradebook, Class Summary, Subject Summary, Grade Distribution Graph, Attendance Summary, and many more.
Very Flexible. Easily change grades, delete an entire assignment, waive a grade for a student, move an assignment from one category to another, change category weighting, curve grades for an assignment, drop lowest score, or add, drop or delete students.
User defined letter grade formulas for each class. Use up to fifteen letter grade ranges  per class (A+, A, A-, etc.)
Flexible grade calculations. Use category and/or assignment weighting to determine semester grades, then use average of semesters at year end or midterm.  
Allows easy calculation of any marking periods within the class (six week grade etc.) by simply entering the desired dates. Also lets you pre define marking periods for each class.
Easy and familiar Windows interface.
Designed for all levels of education. Easy and quick class set up. Calculate final grade by either category/assignment or marking period averages. Supports weighted grade categories and/or weighted assignments.
Complete online Help System. Easily create new assignments for the class, and grades are ready to be entered.
Enter grades as averages, or raw scores - and the average is automatically calculated. Quick grade entry either by assignment, or by student. Set up "what if" scenarios with grades or categories.
Built in back up and restore functions make it easy to work both at school and at home. Optionally backup and retreive data at an FTP site!